Jaw complaints

Jaw complaints is a common problem. One in five people suffer from jaw pain at some point. The symptoms can be very different from person to person. For example, you may suffer from pain during chewing, a snapping jaw or not being able to open your mouth properly. You can also get radiating complaints in the entire head and neck area. This can make it difficult to feel where the complaints come from.

As an orofacial physiotherapist, we are specialized in finding and solving these complaints. We examine whether the complaints come from the temporomandibular joint itself and whether the jawmuscles are involved. We also look at the possible underlying causes for these complaints.

Possible underlying causes include:
• Jaw clenching or grinding
• Stress
• Long dental treatments
• Belly sleeping
• Wrong posture
• Biting nails
• Unconscious mouth behavior

What can you expect?
During our intake we do an extensive interview so we get an overview of all the possible causes of the complaints. After this we will do an physical examination. In this examination we can see how the jaw moves and which muscles or other factors influence the jaw complaints. From here we will do a treatment propose. For the treatment you can think of advice about posture or certain (unconsciously) present habits. Exercises and techniques to relax or strengthen the muscles and to optimize the movement of the jaw.