Jaw clenching

and grinding

Jaw clenching and grinding is also known as bruxism. Bruxing can occur during the day (awake bruxism or at night (sleep bruxism). This can have various consequences, like damaging your teeth or the muscles can feel tensed or even painful. If the complaints in the muscles persist for a longer period of time, it can even cause complaints such as headache, toothache an earache.

Various treatment methods can be used against bruxism. Your dentist can make a splint, this protects your teeth for further damage caused by the grinding. A splint alone will not prevent the clamping and grinding itself. Orofacial physiotherapy can offer a solution, together we can search for the possible causes of the jaw clenching and grinding. And give you advice on how you can break those causes. Relaxation is an important part, this can be done through orofacial physiotherapy treatments and also exercises that you can do yourself can be an option.
Knowing your sleeping pattern and notice what kind of oral habits you may have can also offer a solution.

What can you expect?
During our intake we do an extensive interview so we get an overview of all the possible causes of the complaints. After this we will do an physical examination. In this examination we can see how the neck and jaw move and which muscles or other factors influence the complaints. From here we will do a treatment propose.