Peter van Houdt

After completing the MSc orofacial physiotherapy study in 2014, I started my own practice in 2016 that focused completely on complaints in the neck, head and throat area. True the years I developed a lot of knowledge in the field of orofacial complaints.

The best thing about this specialization is the often multidisciplinary collaboration between, for example, the dentist and the orofacial physiotherapist. To solve the puzzle of the problems of complaints someone has is very rewarding for me.
I also educate fellow physiotherapist, dentist, dental hygienist and medical specialist about orofacial complaints. I think it is important to create as much publicity as possible for these kind of complaints, in order to be able to provide the best care for you as a patient.

From 2023, I will also be a guest lecturer for the dentistry program at de RUG. I hope to lean a lot from this and thus to further deepen and pass on my knowledge about orofacial physiotherapy.

Peter van Houdt MSc

Orofacial therapist
BIG: 5991011704