Throat and swallowing problems

Usually swallowing is something we are not really noticing. There are a lot of muscles involved during the swallowing process, the muscles work closely together to make the process go well. If there is a disturbance in this cooperation of the muscles, this can lead to swallowing problems. It can also give a feeling of a lump in the throat (globus complaints), a feeling that there is something in the throat or a pressing, burning or irritated feeling in the throat or neck is part of this. You may feel that you have to swallow something or that you have to clear your throat all the time.

These complaints can accure from an inbalance of the muscles, who are involved with the swallowing process. This imbalance can also lead to neck complaints. There are various causes for this problem, such as an incorrect oral behavior, stress or a wrong way of breathing. Orofacial physical therapy can help restore balance in the muscles who are involved with the swallowing process.

What can you expect?
During our intake we do an extensive interview so we get an overview of all the possible causes of the complaints. After this we will do an physical examination. In this examination we can see how the neck and jaw move and which muscles or other factors influence the complaints. From here we will do a treatment propose. For the treatment you can think of advice about posture or certain (unconsciously) present habits. Exercises and techniques to relax or strengthen the muscles and to optimize the movement of the neck or jaw.