Online consultations

OFCN offers the possibility to get orofacial physiotherapy in an online consultation. This can be useful for various reasons, if you have a busy schedule, of you are not able to come to the practice or if you would like to stay in your own environment. It is also an accessible way to get acquainted with orofacial physiotherapy.

These online appointments are done in a video consult. With video consults we can get a good view of your symptoms and complaints, so we are able to help you properly. The videocalls take place in a secure online environment. In this environment it is possible to receive exercises and advices via an online platform in addition to the online sessions. These exercises and advices are offered with explanations, pictures and video’s. You can also maintain contact with the orofacial therapist outside the online consultations true this platform.

The payment and reimbursement of the online consultations are done in the same way as the physical consultations, so you can submit there yourself to your insurance company. /p>

Benefits of online orofacial physiotherapy:

  • No travel time
  • Helped in your own environment
  • Support and guidance true an online platform
  • Efficient and practical approach
  • Online wherever and whenever you want