Ear pain

Complaints of the ear, like ear pain, feeling of pressure on the ear, tinnitus, etc. can be very annoying. In many cases you already have visited a general practitioner or an ear specialist. When there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your ear, it could be possible that the complaints are caused by your muscles.

Trigger points can be one of the causes of misunderstood ear pain. Muscles in the ear can also cause ear complaints. An orofacial physiotherapist is a specialist in examining and treating these muscles that may be causing your ear problems.

Below you see the possible causes of trigger points in these muscles:
• Jaw clenching or grinding
• Long dental treatments
• Stress
• Belly sleeping
• Wrong posture during (computer)work/driving/etc.
• Biting nails
• Unconscious mouth behavior

What can you expect?
During our intake we do an extensive interview so we get an overview of all the possible causes of the complaints. After this we will do an physical examination. In this examination we can see how the neck and jaw move and which muscles or other factors influence the ear complaints. From here we will do a treatment propose. For the treatment you can think of advice about posture or certain (unconsciously) present habits. Exercises and techniques to relax or strengthen the muscles and to optimize the movement of the neck or jaw.