Specific and non-specific facial pain

Facial pain are attacks of pain in your face, there are two type, specific and non-specific facial pain. Specific facial pain is caused by the trigeminal nerve.

This nerve enters the face through the ear, from there on it divides into three branches. The upper part runs to the forehead, the middle part to the nose and the lower part to the lower jaw. This can cause pain in these parts or in the entire face. The pain is coming in attacks and are often severe.

Non-specific facial pain, is pain in the face that is less clearly traceable to the trigeminal nerve, but it does occur in the face. This can also cause unpleasant facial symptoms. The cause for specific and non-specific facial pain is very diverse. One of the causes is too much tension in the neck and/or chewing muscles. The reason this tension occurs can vary, incorrect posture or wrong mouth behaviour/habits, stress and grinding or clenching can all be a reason. If this is the case in your situation, orofacial physiotherapy may improve your complaints.

What can you expect?
During our intake we do an extensive interview so we get an overview of all the possible causes of the complaints. After this we will do an physical examination. In this examination we can see how the neck and jaw move and which muscles or other factors influence the complaints. From here we will do a treatment propose. For the treatment you can think of advice about posture or certain (unconsciously) present habits. Exercises and techniques to relax or strengthen the muscles and to optimize the movement of the neck or jaw.